Welcome to Ad Vitam Associates

Welcome to the homepage of Ad Vitam Assocaites, specialists in all aspects of relationship counseling . Whether its your coworker, child, boss, or even spouse that seems to be impervious to your needs and desires we have trained staff to help you design and implement a solution-focused approach to conflict. The humiliation of being isolated on the playground follows us long past elementary school into our adult lives if we let it. Although adulthood brings new environments and hierarchies, the need for handling people in a way that is both productive yet constructive is vital to achieving satisfaction. In those days satisfaction was having friends to play ball with, today it's providing food and support for ourselves and those we care for.

What Makes Us Different


Whether the relationship is one of a personal, romantic, financial or professional nature there are a few basic aspects that will remain constant throughout the duration of any interaction. The main "pillar" of a relatinoship is trust. You trust your friend with your personal details, your spouse with your possessions, your boss with your financial wellbeing and those around you with any number of lfies' facets. These relationships are only as strong as the trust they are built on. IF a doctor loses the trust of his patient, he will cease to be effective in his capacity.

This is where a bit of trust is neeeded from our clients and prospective additions. As the saying so aptly quips "talk is in fact cheap. However, Ad Vitam doesn't provide simple "talk", we provide theraputic understanding. Our satisfaction guarantee is far above the industry average, as our services are far greater than average. We can offer such guarantees not only because of the skill our staff brings, but because of the care that they provide also. Any helthcare service is dubbed "care," but here at Ad Vitam we mean it ver batim. But don't take our word for it, experience the unique healing and understanding that is earned, not learned from our center.